10,000 CELL to Start a Masternode: an Explanation

Cellframe Platform
2 min readNov 30, 2022

We mentioned at the last AMA session that it would take 10,000 $CELLs to run a masternode on the Cellframe native network. Where does such a figure come from?

The number of tokens needed to raise the masternode when the mainnet is launched depends directly on the $CELL price at the time access to the network is opened. That is, a fall in the token rate makes the network less protected from spam attacks, and in order to strengthen it, it is necessary to raise the price for launching a node.

IMPORTANT! Want to earn rewards from running a masternode but don’t have the required amount of $CELL? Use the stake delegation method. Simply put, “rent” another user’s stake, making a profit and giving back only a small percentage of the funds you earn.

What will happen to the requirements for running a node in the future? As of today, 10,000 $CELLs is only the planned amount. We will monitor the fluctuation of the token rate when setting requirements, and will try to determine the best compromise for the amount of $CELL required to start a masternode when the network opens.

But what about decentralization? Of course, the more tokens needed to run a masternode, the less decentralized the network. However, the decentralization of recently-launched public networks is never very high in any case.

You can find detailed information about how to run a node on the native Cellframe Network in our detailed instructions here: