Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe, has a traditional stream, where he announced the launch of a new project, Cellfog.

Last week, we worked with development and finished a few milestones with the Cellframe Dashboard. It’s coming new prominent feature is Cellframe Dashboard plugins (API). It will be based on JS…

Cellmates, we are delighted to announce the enormous increase of our current holders, Cellframe is on the rise and we now have 18,000+ members who own $CELL.

Dear community;

We are honored to announce that Node 4.4–57 is published for community tests. Massive bugfixes and improved performance.

Its the last big release before Subzero network. All of you are invited to visit our Github, where you can see how much work we are doing.

We Are Cell

We Are Here.

Dear Cell mates,

As everyone knows, our first auction starts on October 11th. We are super proud and excited to present to you the rules that will be applied to participate in the auctions.

We are cell, we are here!

Rule #1

The end of the auction is signaled by the expiration…

Dear respected Cellframe community,

We would firstly like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have given us over the last few weeks.

Understandably, the direction of our campaign has taken a turn for the better, one which we would like to continue.

Without further…

Cell Mates. You have asked. We have listened. We understand the considerable barriers of entry to get a piece of the quantum parachain action. This is due to the excessive fees on the Ethereum network.

Today we are excited to announced that we have finalised the details for us to…

We are pleased to share the first technical development report of the month of August. The release was slightly delayed due prioritization of exciting developments that are to be announced in the coming weeks, please stay tuned!

What is new

  • Branch 4.4 is ready by 97% and should be released…

Cellframe Platform

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