Changelog. Weekly update. 01.08–07.08

Cellframe weekly update

Hello everyone! We are glad to share with you our news for the past week. We try to improve our service for you as quickly as possible. We have solved the following tasks.

🌟 We Improved the Preflight request handler in Web3 API.

🌟 We debugged 6 new commands for Web 3 API:

  • GetCertificates/Get a list of certificates
  • CreateCertificate/ Create a certificate
  • GetLedgerTxListAll/Get a list of transactions from the ledger
  • GetLedgetTxHash/Get full transaction information by hash
  • StakeLockTake/Stake
  • StakeLockHold/Return funds from a stake

🌟 We added arithmetic for large numbers.

The Wallets, Tokens, and TX History tabs use it to convert balances from datoshi to coins.

🌟 We improved the DEX tab.

Now the logic of the DEX tab is like that of Binance for creating limits and market orders.

🌟 Fixed bugs:

  • Wallet data on the DEX tab is updated after the execution of transactions with orders
  • Pair search on the DEX page works
  • Zero balances on wallets are displayed
  • The value of the total_supply parameter on the Tokens page is displayed correctly
  • The tab with the before activated dApp is restored when the dashboard is launched

The selected network is active after exiting the Settings tab.

Cellframe useful links:

🧩 Main Cellframe site
🧩 Documentation: Running node, SDK, Dashboard and DAP
🧩 Youtube Live
🧩 Run a Cellframe node on Raspberry



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