Introducing The First Cellframe Cellchain: KelVPN

We’re excited to announce the first Cellframe Cellchain — KelVPN. This marks the first step of realizing the envisioned Cellframe ecosystem — in which Cellframe is leveraged by its Cellchains to facilitate interoperability, scalability, and cross-chain transfers in a quantum-safe environment.

KelVPN Background

Looking at the competitive market of online security and privacy, KelVPN is able to stand out by leveraging Cellframe’s modern post-quantum encryption that guarantees the highest-level security for KelVPN users, even when quantum computing inevitably advances to a stage of risk for most encryptions.

Various VPNs have been revealed to be selling user-data to corporations. KelVPN tackles the pressing issue of privacy through decentralization by operating on top of Cellframe’s decentralized network where all traffic is distributed between different nodes. This removes the presence of a central point of control, which ensures that KelVPN cannot collect logs, spy, or sell your data.

Cellframe Node Runners

As KelVPN grows, we’re confident that more diverse use cases will be found through the interoperable nature of our Cellchains — both within and beyond our ecosystem. We believe that KelVPN is a great value add to the Cellframe ecosystem and look forward to the bright future that lies ahead.

About KelVPN

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About Cellframe

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