The Breaking news, 18 November — AMA

Cellframe Platform
3 min readNov 19, 2021

Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe, has a traditional stream, where he announced the launch of a new project, Cellfog.

Last week, we worked with development and finished a few milestones with the Cellframe Dashboard. It’s coming new prominent feature is Cellframe Dashboard plugins (API). It will be based on JS with QML files. Next week our developers will show a new platform — API Cellframe Dashboard plugins. They will run a competition between teams to implement different plugins. The best of the plugins will be rewarded with a special prize.

We’re announcing a new project called Cellfog, A dedicated safe storage for the hard disk space. The storage will work as a truly dedicated surface, We are also thinking of integrating Cellfog with APFS. Cellfog is planned as a child company to build the ecosystem.

We are planning to implement Tendermint consensus and will do a review about it soon. An article about this will be published.

Marketing Events. Another video will be announced soon, we’ve been working on this video for the past few weeks.

And the announced video with lots of animation is still in production.

Answers to the questions:

How do you plan to involve developers to develop on Cell?

We will run a hackathon competition, offer prizes, and make a new wiki page with better organization for documentation. Moreover, in 2 weeks, we will have a special person who will work with our developer community. And next week, we will finish updating the auction and switch to bridge.

Why are we sitting on almost a million dollars in the marketing wallet instead of continuing to spend it on maintaining our momentum?

It was inefficient. When we achieved something more, we realized it took a lot of time, and we also had some limitations in the team. But we work pretty efficiently, at least with the current size of the team.

When do we list on new Exchanges?

We have two organic listings not planned by the team, but they still happened. It was BKEX and ZT.

If you have a real project, why not advertise on a large scale?

We stopped the real space advertisement due to the feedback. Soon we will continue.

How much speed per transaction is when you’re going to lose the exchange?

Because of peer-to-peer communications, we have no theoretical limit. However, we have a limitation with a broadband connection. For example, having an average connection of around 100 megabits would limit our transaction speed to about 100 thousand transactions per second. It will also depend on your region. But for a user will not be any effect of a limited transaction. You could always pass your transaction maybe a little longer, but you pass it in some limited time.

Will CELL/KEL/LP holders be able to stake in the auction for calorie watts?

This is KEL pair, and this pair will be rewarded with KEL project scale tokens. They will launch a new staking program that will link to the cell bridge and mirror your LP token. The longer you keep your LP token, the greater the reward.

When will be new updates?

The upcoming update will be about our Subzero Network, then we will announce updates about Cellframe auction, and the next update will be about the Cellframe bridge to Ethereum, at least the test networks, and then the main network.

What’s the main objective for Cellframe?

Stand against the quantum threat and ensure interoperability with all kinds of blockchains for more powerful transaction processing. Our main goal is to become the best blockchain in the world.