Worklog 11.07–17.07

The main events were the two AMAs in Russian and English with our partner, Symbiosis. We are amazed by the overwhelming response to the AMAs, and thank you for your questions. The authors of the most interesting questions received $30 in SIS and the same amount in $CELL as rewards.

Last week we also did a lot of work on the node:

  • Now the actual version of the node can work as a CDB.
  • You can now call the list of exchange transactions in Stock with a command

- srv_xchange tx_list -net <net name> [-time_from <yymmdd> -time_to <yymmdd>]

  • JSON transactions now have auto-create inputs.
  • Chains will have asynchronous I/O soon.

Fixed bugs:

  • We fixed a bug with a message length limit in the TON consensus. Now everything displays correctly.
  • Long-running root nodes no longer cause a segfault.
  • We fixed multiple fetching records on MDBX.
  • We peeled garbage in the hash field when displaying cellframe-node-cli mempool_list -net Mileena.
  • Fixed an issue with the error Broken GDB element: can’t read ‘value’ field.
  • Also fixed other minor bugs.

The Dashboard was not left without attention.

  • We brought beauty: we added shadows to the buttons and a smooth click animation.
  • The “Logs and Settings” page now has pop-ups. They notify about new forms and connecting sites via web3 API.
  • We developed the Stock page: candlestick charts, interpolation charts, order books, and order creation forms. (Limit, Stop Limit, Market). And open order forms and order history too.
  • Forms for the Tokens page have been developed.

Fixed bugs:

  • We have optimized graphs: the point handler now works in C++ (and not JS as before).
  • We corrected the colors of the calendar on the TxHistory page.
  • We fixed window offset when scaling with a web3 API connection request.
  • You can reopen the “Other details” tab on the Stock page.
  • We finished the transition to Layouts, redesigned the Logs page, and added a new right panel with the history of web3 API requests.



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