Worklog. Update 05.12–11.12

Cellframe Platform
3 min readDec 19, 2022

Hello everyone! In these Worklog digests we tell you about key results of the Cellframe team’s work over the previous week or two and share plans for the near future.

LP token staking

Last week we launched the long-awaited program of LP token staking for $CELL on both BSC and Ethereum networks. In the BSC network it is possible to stake tokens on both new and old smart contracts.

As for the ETH network — here we have fixed a bug in the code of smart contract, so now stakes in this network are executed correctly.

By the way, for those who are planning on staking: we advise you not to postpone it. The sooner you get your LP pairs, the bigger the APY you will get — not only because of less competition, but also because of additional rewards for early stakers. Read more about how the distribution of rewards works in our tokenomics:

Staking site

We have improved the staking site by adding instructions for staking both single tokens and LP pairs. We also debugged the display of APY — now the values are issued correctly. Other important improvements to the functionality of the site include:

Displaying token statistics on the homepage of the site:

A block with general information about the user’s wallet and specific tokens:

Notification of a running harvest request:

Of course, several bugs were also fixed. Now the stats and unstake dates are displayed correctly for specific tokens.

Mainnet roadmap

Demlabs and Cellframe CEO Dmitry Gerasimov recently presented the roadmap for the mainnet. This is the development plan for our core network up to the end of February 2023. During the development process it will be adjusted and updated, but we will try to follow it. All changes, as well as our progress, will be reported on AMA sessions and on our social networks. Follow the news.

New DevNet

We have prepared a working version of DevNet, a blockchain network designed for debugging the functions of the main network. This involved hardforking the Subzero network, which is now running the same software as the rest of our networks. After this hardfork, we’re going to start turning Subzero into the release candidate for the mainnet.

Today DevNet is almost ready to launch: we have already synchronized the nodes and debugged the DaG PoA consensus.

New Cellframe Wallet

This is a wallet application for managing crypto assets across different networks. It’s like a simplified version of Cellframe Dashboard. We are actively preparing for the release. We already made the first working builds and have corrected several bugs. In the near future we will introduce the desktop version, and then iOS and Android.

AMA session

On December 8, we held a regular AMA session with Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of Demlabs and Cellframe. We shared news about our projects and answered questions from users. Read more about this on our blog and socials.