Worklog. Update 10.10–16.10

Cellframe Platform
3 min readOct 20, 2022

In our Weekly Worklog, we tell you about the key things that our team has done over the past week:

Made the bridge more stable

Fixed a bug where users had to manually push transactions on the bridge; now they are processed automatically.

Hard fork on the Mileena testnet

Please note that we have hard forked the Mileena testnet.

Why was this done? To test the hard fork mechanism itself, which will later be required for sharding (an overflowing shard will be divided into two shards). All this is being done in preparation for the launch of our mainnet.

If you are using the Mileena testnet, update to the latest version of the node and dashboard. This way you can see your balance and make transactions.

ConfCall: Video Conferencing Service

Our development and design team continues to work hard on Cellframe’s ConfCall video conferencing service.

This is what they did last week:

  • We have finished the layout of the Round Table mode in ConfCall. Now we are embedding the AVReStream node plugin. This is the core of the entire application, which will allow our developers to start working on the backend.
Round Table
  • We also created a convenient context menu for ConfCall: it allows you to add/remove users in Round Table mode, disable incoming video from a user, and mute other users’ audio.
A context menu
  • Prepared the People form for easily viewing connections in ConfCall. Now there are two main groups: users in Round Table mode and everyone else.

We also added icons, made a smooth animation for removing a user from the Round Table, and updated fonts.

Staking site

We also continue to work on the staking site, making it more convenient for our users every day.

Last week:

  • We fixed a bug with the site crashing when creating a stake with insufficient balance.
  • We fixed bugs in the Statistics section of the staking site. Now all your stakes are always sorted correctly and their dates are displayed correctly.
  • Also, the error message when connecting to the dashboard on the staking site has now been changed to be more informative.

Finalizing the smart contract for BSC migration

We have developed a test version of the plugin for CELL migration from old BSC tokens to new ones.

*We remind you that the migration is carried out in connection with the replacement of the smart contract of the token with BSC.

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