Worklog update. 12.12 -26.12

Cellframe Platform
3 min readJan 16, 2023

Hello, everyone! In these worklog digests we tell you about the key outcomes of our team’s work over the past week or two and share our plans for the near future. And today we will report on the last two weeks of December 2022.

Updates on Cellframe Staking site

We added the LP — CELLv2 — BNB pair. This is a recently created lP-pair on PancakeSwap. The site now has a special line for this pair.

In addition, we’re getting ready to launch v3-staking functionality.

In the statistics section, the token statistics display function was improved. Now general information about expected profitability is displayed regardless of wallet connection status.

And, of course, some bugs were fixed:

  • Removed $CELL Zero Balance Dashboard Wallet Restriction
  • Remove hover state on inactive buttons
  • Fixed input of numbers less than one in staking windows

Updates on the Cellframe site

Changed the order of the change list. The latest changes are now displayed first.

Explorer: added a boot state for the search button and notification for the user when a search error occurs.

New Cellframe Dashboard

At the end of December we released a new version of our dashboard — 2.10–18. The Cellframe team worked hard to stabilize the nodes on all systems and improve network synchronization. Most importantly, we have managed to stabilize Dashboard on MacOS. Now it works equally well on all operating systems, whether Windows, Linux or MacOS. Download and enjoy.

Final AMA Session of 2022

The AMA was held on December 29. CEO Cellframe Dmitry Gerasimov talked about our latest news and reviewed the year of work for all Demlabs projects and companies. He also answered questions from the community. The stream ended with a special New Year’s Eve surprise — an original music mix from “post-quantum DJ” Dmitry Gerasimov.

Record the main part of the stream and the musical sequel on our youtube channel.