Worklog. Update 17.10–23.10

Cellframe Platform
2 min readOct 25, 2022

Hello everyone! We’re back again to tell you about everything we’ve done over the past week. And also to share priority plans for the development of the company.

Last week we introduced you to the Cellframe Roadmap — a sequence of tasks the team will systematically complete one after the other. We try to make our development as transparent as possible so that our community feels calm and secure. Check out the article if you haven’t seen it yet.


We continue to refine the interface of our own blockchain-based video conferencing service, ConfCall. Last week, the “People” panel for the Round Table format was finalized: a convenient context menu was implemented with connection status indicators, “Mute” and “Disable video” functions.

Web3 API

We have also introduced four new commands for the Web3 API — the interface for working with a node through the Cellframe Dashboard:

  • GetNodeStatus — a command to display the current state of the node based on the connection to the notify server
  • CondTxCreate — a command to create a conditional transaction to pay for the services of the master node
  • GetMempoolTxHash — command to get information about transactions pending processing (in mempool)
  • GetLedgerTxHash — a command to get information about a transaction from a ledger (a hardware wallet)


We continue to improve RiseVPN, our service for creating a secure virtual network using the most modern type of encryption. We have implemented a headless client for it: now you can run VPN directly from the console, which is extremely convenient for weaker systems or systems that use only consoles.


We also managed to significantly improve the stability of the KelVPN service on macOS. For example, M1 now correctly sends bug reports.

Crypto conference DIGITAL DAO

Our team is preparing to participate in the DIGITAL DAO crypto conference. This blockchain event will be held from November 5 to 13 as a series of gatherings in Tashkent, Almaty and Bishkek.

Cellframe CEO Dmitry Gerasimov will give a presentation on fog computing in the context of blockchain in Almaty on November 11.

We will share more information about the conference in our social networks:

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And we will be back very soon with the next worklog. Thank you for your participation!