Worklog Update. 22.03–18.04

Cellframe Platform
4 min readApr 20, 2023


Hello everyone! Welcome to our traditional Worklog update, where we post development updates and news from the life of the Demlabs company!

Migrating liquidity in the BSC network

This is a piece of news that many have been waiting for. Now we’ve completed the process of migrating liquidity to the new smart contract. We encourage all holders to move their funds on PancakeSwap from the old contract to the new. You can migrate using the website

Please be aware that the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap has switched to the V3 protocol, which just recently became available. For this reason, sites that analyze token data only on V2 and V1 may show incorrect data. When referencing such sites, please make sure they work with the V3 protocol and that they cover the correct pairs.

V3 Staking on Uniswap

We’ve launched V3 staking for UniSwap. The new V3 protocol moved to the ERC-271 standard, as opposed to the ERC-20 standard used in V1 and V2.

V3 LP tokens on UniSwap can now be staked directly, without migrating from V2. When you create a stake, you will be asked to set a range in which your LP stakes will be used for swaps on the DEX.

In addition, you will be able to add liquidity to already existing LP stakes. This will improve your position in the pool and boost your rewards.

We are also planning to implement V3 staking in the BSC network on PancakeSwap (this is part of why we moved liquidity directly onto V3).

Updates to Cellframe Dashboard and Wallet

Cellframe Dashboard and Cellframe Wallet are our applications for managing funds on the Cellframe network. The Dashboard is suitable for more advanced users and contains more technical information. In the Wallet interface, we plan to leave only the most important features for working with tokens and for launching and managing master nodes.

Since Dashboard and Wallet have similar functionality, we are developing updates for them in parallel. We recently released new versions of apps that include:

  • Improved UX — fixed several display bugs
  • Updated Node versions and Cellframe SDK
  • Changed sync timer settings — now it runs every 10 minutes.
  • Added the ability to change node parameters in the Settings tab — previously they had to be entered manually in the configuration file
  • And most importantly, we fixed the token unstaking service.

In addition, on Cellframe Dashboard we continue to work on the diagnostics tab, which will relay key diagnostics about the node:

  • Version and current status
  • Total memory consumption
  • System load
  • Number of blocks processed in master node mode, etc.

This information will help the development team to better control the stability of the network and respond to problems in a timely manner.

For master nodes, disclosure of this information will be mandatory, but we guarantee confidentiality. We do not collect any personalized data.

KelVPN News

KelVPN is our blockchain-based decentralized VPN service that is part of the Cellframe ecosystem.

The team is preparing to launch a mode which interacts with Cellframe wallets. This mode will make the service truly decentralized and allow users to choose servers and the amount of traffic they need, and providers to receive rewards for their services.

In parallel with this, work is underway on a major update of the application, which will include:

  1. New user interface. Redesign of the app in dark and light theme.
  2. Optimization of the list of custom servers.
  3. Fixing various bugs.

The major bug in our list is the auto-update function, which did not work correctly on all platforms in the previous version. But now all problems are fixed. The new build will be released very soon — stay tuned.

Release Candidate Testing

In March, we launched the release candidate of the Cellframe Mainnet, which is a kind of rough draft of our product. It will help us do further tests to perfect the operation of all network mechanisms.

The release candidate testing process includes several stages. First, we conducted an internal Alpha testing, as a result of which we found and eliminated several major bugs and finalized the functionality. Then we launched a closed Beta testing with the participation of community members. This also brought us significant benefits and is an ongoing process.

And finally, at the last AMA session on April 13, we announced the start of open user testing. We invite CELL token holders to join us and set up a master node on the testnet. Join the Beta testing group now!


  1. Public IP address
  2. Linux system
  3. Your linux Node should always be online
  4. Your Backbone account must have at least 10,000 CELLs or 10 mCELLs

You can find detailed instructions on how to join testing in the “Cellframe Network Dev: EN” Telegram chat. Adding a master node will soon be available directly through the dashboard — stay tuned for our updates!

News from Demlabs

While the Cellframe team is hard at work on the mainnet launch, the Cellxar studio team is working on creating an animated series starring our Chipmunk. The first episode is already done — very soon we will present it to you. Don’t miss it!

We have also moved our entire team to a new office! And our former premises were turned into a video production studio with professional equipment for shooting videos and holding events of any format — concerts, holidays, and team training sessions.