Worklog. Update 24.10–30.10

Hey y’all! We have prepared for you a detailed report with the news from our team over the past week.

We are doing our best to start BSC staking as soon as possible and prepare as efficiently as possible for the mainnet launch. Read more about it below ↓

In the previous AMA session, we reported that BSC staking is in the final stage before launch: the finished mechanism has already successfully passed the full cycle of testing.

Now our team is conducting the first test transactions, entering test records into the database and working on correctly displaying stakes in the list.

We are also happy to share that we have created the formula for calculating mСELL (special Cellframe Network tokens that are required to run a master node) in the CELL — BNB LP pair in the BSC network.

Very soon we will provide our users with an even more secure experience with the Cellframe Dashboard.

Now, in addition to the already implemented encryption of wallets using a seed phrase (in our case, this is 24 words), you will be able to create an even more secure wallet that is also protected by a password.

We found and fixed issues with viewing created stakes. The tx_history function has been fixed: now users can see (so far only through the node) their transactions and make sure that stakes are active.

We also continue to work on the Cellframe Explorer, a site that allows you to see all transactions on the Cellframe blockchain.

Now you can use it to:

  • See all of a wallet’s coins in the selected network when requesting a balance.
  • Use the hash transaction search button.

Last week, our developers fixed a number of bugs on the staking site. Now:

  • When connecting to the Cellframe Dashboard, there is no loading freeze.
  • The balance of the amount when creating a stake and in the Statistics section is not rounded, but displayed exactly.

IMPORTANT! Note that we have limited the minimum amount of a single stake on the staking site: now you can stake upwards of 1 $CELL.

We fixed a number of bugs in DapChainVPN — 7.2. Now:

  • Server logs are now created.
  • Bug reports on MacOS are now sent correctly.

We also continue to work on a new version of DapChainVPN (7.3) and RiseVPN. During the week we did the following:

  • We fixed an issue where some links were opening twice when working with DapChainVPN (7.3) and RiseVPN.
  • Created the ability to add a screenshot from the gallery when submitting a bug report on Android.
  • Improved interface response for DapChainVPN (7.3) and RiseVPN.

We also made a lot of cosmetic changes to improve and optimize the work of these services.

We are expanding the development team for more efficient and precise work. Over the past couple of weeks, several skilled programmers have been hired to work on the backend of the project.


Stay with us and follow all the latest Cellframe news! Onward and upward!



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