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3 min readSep 14, 2022


Cellframe Worklog

Friends, hello! Today, as always, we are happy to share with you our news for the week.

In this article, we will talk about our achievements in terms of development, as well as about events in the life of the company.

Staking Site

In the work on launching the site for staking, we achieved the following results:

  1. We added a new Statistics section.

It allows:

  • Displaying and managing immediate transactions (receipt of a reward, withdrawal from a stake at expiration, etc.) for each LP pair and single-token staking.
  • Displaying general wallet statistics (how many rewards received / available to claim / blocked for staking, etc.).

Perfected UX/UI by creating new components and modifying existing ones.

Statistics section

2. We also continued to refine the graphs in the Statistics section. They will display the dynamics of changes in APY and TLV for a specific pair, as well as data for a specific time period / date.

3. Added the functionality of claiming a staking reward, and added pop-ups with the status of processing a request to claim a reward.

4. Fixed several bugs:

  • displaying data on a created stake;
  • mCELL acquisition algorithm;
  • display of information about APY calculations and expected reward

Cellframe Dashboard

We continue to work on our dashboard: last week we restored the DOM averaging charts on the DEX page and implemented a smoother rounding process for them.

Cellframe Dashboard — Dex Tab

We also fixed a number of bugs with combobox scaling:

  • graphic bugs (for example, scrolling with the mouse position when opening combobox was removed);
  • bugs with window scaling (now the popup adjusts to the scale of the application).

LP Staking

We submitted our LP-staking smart contract code for a third-party audit.

“Knowledge Marathon”

On Friday, September 9, Cellframe CEO Dmitry Gerasimov made a presentation about the C language at the Knowledge Marathon. The subject of his talk was: “Why is one of the most popular programming languages ​​called ‘dead,’ and who needs it?”

Blockchain Life Forum 2022

Our team has already been in Moscow since September 13. Final preparations, final briefings, merging of expertise — we are working in the hotel in brainstorming mode! Get ready, because the next worklog will have a lot of interesting details.

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