Worklog. Weekly update. 08.08–14.08

Cellframe worklog. Weekly update. 08.08–14.08

Hello, everyone! That is a summary of our main achievements from last week:

💡 We have improved the DEX tab in the Cellframe Dashboard

🔘 The exchange works now. You can check it: download the latest version of Cellframe Dashboard. Now the logic of the DEX tab is similar to Binance’s logic for creating limits and market orders:

🔘 There is a book with a list of orders sorted by price.

🔘 There is a candlesticks chart, so you can track token rates (resolution from a minute to a month).

🔘 There are all the usual functions of exchange with limit orders like you can see on the centralized exchanges.

💡 We released new quantum-protected tokens for trading in our mainnet.

There are new tokens for exchange, and all of them are quantum secured:

🔘 KEL (our child project);

🔘 wrapped stablecoins: USDC, USDT, DAI, and BUSD;

🔘 wrapped Ethereum and BNB.

All these tokens can be placed into our native network via the bridge and trade with the limited orders (not AMM), without market makings.

💡 We have made a conditional transaction mechanism: a no-code block for implementing staking mechanics

Depending on your preference, you can see this mechanism in the master branch in our repository on GitLab or GitHub. It can be used for our staking and for your tokens (if you want to release them on our platform). Today, we have single tokens staking and pairs staking on a testing stage.

💡 KelVPN development news

We updated KelVPN nodes: the VPN is better and faster now!

💡 Web 3 API updates

🔘 We added functions to work with certificates: get a list and create the certificate.

🔘 Also we added some functions to work with the transactions: to get a list of transactions for wallet address, to get info about transactions, etc.

🔘 There are also some changes in API related to staking: if you want to make a Web 3 site with a staking function, now we have a function to run the stake and return funds from the stake.

💡 We started developing smart contracts

We are working at the same time with two groups of developers:

🔘 The first group is implementing WASM: faster smart-contracts that use less gas. Our smart contracts don’t work on gas, so they work as a service.

🔘 The second group of developers is focusing on EVM smart-contracts. We plan to release the wrapped ERC-20 so that we can move smart contracts from the Ethereum network to our platform.

We started developing a new subsidiary project: a video conferencing service called ConfCall

We are going to make a service that can connect one or two hundred people, broadcast it to YouTube and save the video. It’s all impossible without decentralization and foggy computing. And we are going to make it real.

Cellframe useful links:

🧩 Main Cellframe site
🧩 Documentation: Running node, SDK, Dashboard and DAP
🧩 Youtube Live
🧩 Run a Cellframe node on Raspberry



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