Worklog. Weekly update 12.09–18.09

Cellframe Platform
3 min readSep 21, 2022

Hope you’re having a great week, friends! We’re back with our updates from the past week.

The highlight of the last seven days was attending one of the most ambitious events in the crypto industry — the Blockchain Life 2022 forum. Cellframe team members went to Moscow for four days and returned with many inspiring new partnerships.

While our team at the forum talked about Cellframe enterprise solutions, cases and services, the development team continued to make improvements to the dashboard and final changes to the staking site.

Read more about it below!

Cellframe Dashboard

We are continuing work on the staking site. We want to make it as convenient, understandable, and visually attractive as possible by adding new functional elements and design details.

The following steps have been taken in the last week:

  1. We have redesigned the pop-up window that appears when copying an address: now it appears on the top right, with smooth animation.
  2. A label was added to the top panel of the Settings page indicating the current version of the node.
  3. We developed a new graphic element — Custom Tooltip. It works like this: when you hover your mouse over a text field with the name of a wallet or the number of tokens, the full content of the line appears.
  4. We also added background highlighting to the selection menu on the site: it appears when you hover the mouse over the content of the line.

Staking site

We continue to improve the UX/UI of the main page and the new Statistics section of the staking site. A number of changes were made during the week:

  • We reduced the width of the header to the width of the content on the page, and also added a background under it — now the site interface looks neater!
  • Corrected the position of the footnote about APY: now it is at the level of the corresponding column.

We have also improved the functionality of creating a stake: now you can choose the appropriate network (native, ETH or BSC) to send tokens.

Blockchain Life 2022

For two days — September 14 and 15 — the Blockchain Life 2022 forum was held in Moscow.

The Cellframe team flew there on September 12 and spent five days in the capital.

First we prepared everything necessary for presenting at the booth the next day.

Then the event began, and we had a great time talking about our enterprise solutions and opportunities for integrating blockchain for business to everyone interested. We got a long list of contacts for future partnerships.

To learn more about the event, check out our social networks, where we talked about our participation in the forum in more detail (with photos!):

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