Worklog. Weekly update 19.09–25.09

Cellframe Platform
3 min readSep 27, 2022


Cellframe Update

Hello everyone, friends! We return to you with results from the past working week. Follow our worklogs to keep up with all the hot updates!

Staking LP pairs

Staking contracts have been successfully audited: no vulnerabilities or bugs have been identified.

Staking site

Staking is on the way, so we continue to add improvements to the site! This week:

  • We’ve improved the code on the staking site to make it simpler and easier to work with. The functionality for obtaining pair addresses (via smart contracts) and the balances of paired and single tokens (via smart contracts for paired staking and through our dashboard for single-tokens) was refactored.
  • We also added a check for connecting the staking site to the wallet: if it is not there, a notification appears (after 10 seconds).
A check for connecting the staking site to the wallet
  • In the updated Statistics section, bugs have been fixed. A list of single stakes, as well as a chart styling function have been added.
  • We also continue to add new LP staking pairs (see our tokenomics).

Cellframe Dashboard

We continue to perfect our dashboard. This week we fixed a number of small, but very unpleasant bugs.

The improvements are:

  • Now on the TX explorer tab, you can select a time-period for displaying the transaction history.
  • The network selected in the settings is saved when changing the tab.
  • The text in the input fields on the DEX page is entered correctly.


We continue to work on our own decentralized video communication service — ConfCall. While developing it, we strive to achieve the effect of maximum immersion in real, live communication! And we try to make it convenient and visually attractive.

Last week we implemented the following:

  • Added a top panel to the ConfCall interface: it can be used to easily search the app.
ConfCall interface
  • We implemented a menu for changing the user status: “available,” “unavailable,” “away,” “invisible,” “do not disturb.”
A menu for changing the user status

Follow our news to be among the first to know everything new about our project. We are glad to be in touch with you!

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