Worklog. Weekly update 22.08–28.08

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2 min readAug 30, 2022


Hello friends! Check out our updates to keep up with all the latest Cellframe developments!

Cellframe Dashboard

Last week we continued working to finish our dashboard:

  • Fixed a bug in the Tokens tab in the private network: now tokens can be declared and emitted correctly.
  • Tested the auto-complete feature for addresses of wallets, certificates, chains, networks, and tokens.
  • Unveiled new design for the DEX trading tab.


We are rapidly building our new conference call tool based on fog computing technology.

Currently in the works:

  • Format for different call types: Round Table, Lecture (single speaker), Discussion (several speakers), and Meeting.

* We try to make the service as convenient as possible: for example, in the Round Table format, even with a large number of speakers, the user can direct their voice in the audio space to address a particular participant.

  • Text chat functionality.

Blockchain Life 2022

The Cellframe team is preparing to attend this international forum about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining, taking place in Moscow on September 14–15

We took part in Blockchain Life for the first time this Spring, and were inspired by exciting conversations with colleagues and possibilities for new partnerships.

Now, after three more months of intense work, we are ready to show the blockchain community our awesome new business services!

See you at the Cellframe booth!

Cellframe useful links:

🧩 Main Cellframe site
🧩 Documentation: Running node, SDK, Dashboard and DAP
🧩 Youtube Live
🧩 Run a Cellframe node on Raspberry



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