Worklog. Weekly update. 25.07–31.07

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1 min readAug 3, 2022


Cellframe weekly update

We hope your last week of July was as productive as our team’s. Sharing the news with you, friends!

🧬 Took part in a meeting with the Ministry of Digital Development
At the meeting, we discussed the available options for state assistance for IT specialists.

🧬 Made a new ‘Tokens’ page
It displays the declared tokens on all available networks. You can issue a wallet or issue your own token.

🧬 Developed functionality for the ‘DEX’ (Stock) page (just an introduction)
- You can exchange tokens within the network.
- Create Limit and Market orders.
- There is a book with a list of orders sorted by price.
- There is a candlestick chart: you can track the exchange rate of the ruble and the token. Permission from a minute to a month.

🧬 Added arithmetic for large numbers to the dashboard
Now you can perform balance calculations without rough rounding. This arithmetic now outputs a percentage of the balance on the DEX.

🧬 Сompleted work on the Single Token Staking mechanism and started testing

🧬 Improved the speed of VPN subprotocols

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