Dear respected Cellframe community,

We would firstly like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have given us over the last few weeks.

Understandably, the direction of our campaign has taken a turn for the better, one which we would like to continue.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to business.

Binance Smart Chain

As you are all aware, we recently announced our intentions to launch on Pancake Swap. We have tentatively set our launch date for this Friday. We will release the exact time and a countdown shortly. …

Cell Mates. You have asked. We have listened. We understand the considerable barriers of entry to get a piece of the quantum parachain action. This is due to the excessive fees on the Ethereum network.

Today we are excited to announced that we have finalised the details for us to launch on the Binance Smart Chain via Pancake Swap next week.

We hope to open the doors for many more users in to our ecosystem via this listing. This will also help pave the way for further CEX listings. We have already applied to KuCoin and we hope to launch…

Cell Mates. The last two weeks here at Cellframe have been eventful but exciting to say the least.

In this bi-weekly update, we decided we would steer away from the usual style of listing technical updates and start talking about the more exciting stuff the community would like to hear about — quantum resistant parachains and upcoming Cellchain auctions.

Newly formed strategic advisory partnership

We understand here at Cellframe that it is vital to maintain a healthy relationship with our community. …

We are pleased to share the first technical development report of the month of August. The release was slightly delayed due prioritization of exciting developments that are to be announced in the coming weeks, please stay tuned!

What is new

  • Branch 4.4 is ready by 97% and should be released soon
  • New GDB sync algo is present in 4.4 now
  • More UUID-based handlers inside, some changes in Python API because of it
  • More uint256 and uint128 operations for systems without native 128-bit scalar registers
  • The auction site soon will be open for the community
  • Cellframe SDK 2.9 is frozen and…

We are excited to share the first technical development report of the month of July, in which the main focus is that Cellframe Network is now officially running on the 4.4 branch.

What is new

  • Core Cellframe Network is now running on the release candidate branch 4.4
  • 4.4 branch now is declared open for public usage at
  • Branch 4.4 has become frozen. It will only accept bugfixes from now on.
  • Fixed was node-node connection object behavior, now it is marked with UUID to prevent crashes.
  • Various other fixes

What we are working on right now:

  • More intelligent GDB sync

We are excited to announce a partnership with Meter, a high-performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks.

Meter enhances Ethereum by enabling scalable and interoperable Dapps with the safety and security of full decentralization. The Meter system uses Proof of Work for its metastable MTR tokens to pay for gas transaction fees. Additionally, it facilitates HotStuff-based Proof of Stake consensus for its governance token MTRG to validate transactions. This hybrid design makes Meter fast and connected to stable values in the physical world.

“We’re happy to collaborate with Meter. With its DeFi…

We would like to give special thanks to Uniswap Detective for hosting our AMA on 06/28/2021 with Dmitriy Gerasimov (CEO / CTO of Cellframe), as well as the constant support of our amazing community. Please find the recap of the AMA below.

Uniswap Detective

1) Firstly, just for some of the newer community members. Can you please introduce yourself and then give an overview of the structure and number of team numbers working on CellFrame?

Dmitriy Gerasimov

Hello everyone, my name is Dmitriy Gerasimov. I’m the Project Lead (CEO+CTO) of the Cellframe Network project. I’m working with the team that…

Technical Development Report

We’re excited to share the second technical development report of the month of June, in which Cellframe Node version 4.4 introduced in the last development report has completed its testing cycle and is being prepared for an official release.

What is new in the 4.4 branch

  • unsigned 256 bit integer type with safe math operations to prevent integer overflow for financial operations
  • Automatic debug version builds for easier community testing
  • FlowControl improvements for VPN/CDN

What has been fixed

  • Python plugin issues for node
  • CDB issues
  • TERM signal processing
  • Workarounds for MacOS kqueue() realization

Whats we are working…

Cellchain auctions are held in the form of draws of Cell Slots. Each Cell Slot will be represented as a specific collectively managed NFT token. This token can be sold on the market or used for its intended purpose. When used for its intended purpose, it will be transferred to a special smart contract, from where it can be picked up on request within a week — this is necessary so that the Cell Slots do not connect unexpectedly and the system has time to prepare for changes.

To mint a Cell Slot NFT, it is necessary to issue a…

We are pleased to announce a partnership with ZKCHAOS, a layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol and fair game platform, built to enhance privacy for all kinds of cryptocurrency.

Through this partnership, ZKCHAOS will integrate with Cellframe via a decentralized bridge as a truly decentralized application (t-dApp) with token swaps and DEX orderbook exchange. Furthermore, we plan to explore wrapped ZKCHAOS-based NFT games as another set of t-dApps to provide additional confidentiality to its users. We believe that this collaboration gives both protocols security benefits as well as various synergies to be further explored as both projects mature.



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